Our Team

Dr. Aaron Weitz | DC, CCWP, CPX

Sometimes in life, we can look back at certain experiences and choices we’ve made and see clearly how they’ve impacted our lives and the lives of those around us. Graduating from CMCC in 1995 and becoming a Chiropractor is definitely one of those events in Dr. Weitz’s life. His choice to become a chiropractor, was perhaps one of his most prescient ones, not including his choice of wife, of course!

His Journey has taken him a long way from who and where he was after his seven years of schooling. His training at CMCC gave him a good grounding in diagnostics and injury care but since then, he has shifted his post graduate training and focus toward a more global health care approach. He has trained in several non manipulative adjusting techniques including TRT, KST and Hoffman-MC2. He has completed CCWP certification, as a Wellness Practitioner (Nutrition, Exercise, and stress relief), CPX as a Certified Posture Expert and what he is most proud of, advanced training in pediatric care. With all this, Dr. Weitz has had the good fortune to become more passionate, knowledgeable, and confident about chiropractic.

Dr. Weitz knows his is not a job but a life’s work to give of his knowledge, skill and experience so that others may live more fully to their potential.

He brings his passion to everything he does, in and out of the office. He loves when he sees his patients understanding and recognizing their bodies’ innate ability to heal, and the changes that come with it. His happiness can be infectious with his patients and staff because he is genuinely and obviously happy when a patient exceeds the limits of their own minds; and it’s hard not to smile at his enthusiasm.

Dr. Weitz and his wife, Yaffa, have been married for 25 years and are the proud, and sometimes very tired, parents of 8 children. Dr. Weitz doesn’t leave his passion at the office, though he brings it home in a different way. His family are a great source of pride and anxiety for him, but mostly pride. With 8 children at different ages and stages, there’s an awful lot going on, and much to be considered about what’s best for each one at any given time, and that doesn’t even include his wife! His family is very grateful to know that although he loves being a chiropractor, and it shows in everything he does, he loves being a family man more, and they forgive him for occasionally getting those roles reversed at awkward times, after all, he is a Dad.

Dr. Weitz’s love of nature, his independent and capable spirit, and his personal convictions, make him a great friend, a marvelous doctor and wonderful father.

Eli Abramoff-Colman R.Kin., CEP

Eli Abramoff-Colman is a registered Kinesiologist with the College of Kinesiologists of Ontario, is a certified member of the Canadian Society of Exercise Physiologists (CSEP), and is a member of the Ontario Society of Health and Fitness (OSHF).

Eli earned her degree in Kinesiology and Health Sciences with Honours from York University and further specialized with a certificate in Advanced Fitness Lifestyle Assessment and Counseling through CSEP.

Eli enjoys helping her clients reach their fitness goals and engage in a healthy lifestyle. Through her private client centered practice, Eli designs personalized exercise programs and provides nutritional counseling.

Her interests lie in unique fitness opportunities, leading Eli to work with many different types of clients, including pre and post natal, mommy-baby fitness, athletic training, injury prevention and management, young children, seniors, palliative care, chemotherapy recipients, group training, and individuals with special needs.

Eli brings her 10 years of experience in fitness and health to our practice. With her motivating and caring personality and keen understanding of client needs.

Dr. Eytan Cowen, ND

Dr. Cowen N.D. joined A Natural Path to Health Wellness Centre in 2018 with 17 years of clinical practice experience in Canada and the U.S. As a registered and licensed Naturopathic Doctor with the Ontario College of Naturopaths, he is a former clinical faculty member of the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine.

With 17 years of clinical practice experience in Canada and the United States, Dr. Cowen is trained in primary care integrating medical diagnostics with a broad range of natural therapies. Graduating from the University of Toronto with degrees in Microbiology and Near Eastern Studies, Dr. Cowen went on to study Naturopathic Medicine at the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine, graduating in 1998 with honors and awards for excellence in acupuncture, therapeutic modalities, and physical medicine.

Dr. Cowen served as Supervising Clinical Faculty for 5 years at the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine. During that time he received the award for excellence in teaching. Dr. Cowen also served as Exam Committee member, examination item writer, and official examiner for the Board Examinations of the College of Naturopaths of Ontario.

Dr. “C” as he’s known to his patients, is passionate about helping individuals achieve optimal health on all levels – mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual. With an emphasis on integrative health care, Dr. Cowen employs various therapies on their own or together with conventional treatments such as acupuncture, Chinese Medicine, botanical medicine, physical medicine, homeopathic medicine, hydrotherapy, diet, clinical nutrition, lifestyle counseling and coaching.

Dr. Cowen is interested in preventive care and has a special focus on digestive health, allergies and immune health, stress, anxiety, and depression, Type 2 Diabetes management, children’s health, and men’s health.

Our Staff

Shira Anisfeld | Office Manager

Shira is the office manager at A Natural Path to Health. She’s been working in the chiropractic field since 2005. Aside from ensuring all aspects of the clinic run smoothly, she is Dr. Weitz’s right hand. Whether it involves patient intake and assessment or an in-depth knowledge of nutrition and nutrients, Shira, in an integral part of what makes ANPTH successful. In her free time, she loves reading and spending time with her nieces and nephews.

Yaffa Weitz | Front Desk / Accounts Re

Yaffa, Dr. Weitz’ wife, works at the front desk with Chedva. She is very personable and has a wicked wit that will (generally!) leave you laughing. She enjoys spending time with their eight children and reading…when they’re asleep.

Ysanne Williams | Front Desk

Ysanne is currently working part time at our front desk while completing a bachelor’s degree in Biomedical Sciences. With her efficient, capable, and pleasant manner, she’s always ready to help with a smile. In her spare time, Ysanne loves to watch Netflix, listen to music, and hang out with her friends.

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