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October 26, 2016 To my Dearest Dr. Weitz, I am sincerely thankful with my doctor. He is really amazing, as a person and as a doctor.You see, I was one of those people that did not know about chiropractic until someone recommended him to me.I must say that I had a positive experience that I want to share with other people out there that might have the same health problem as me.I had 2 herniated discs in my lower back. It was hurting me to the point that I stopped working. My family said that most likely I would need surgery.I didn’t know what to do until I went to Dr. Weitz’s office.It took a few sessions to slowly feel the difference and slowly but surely I was getting better to the point that I went back to work full time.I feel comfortable and relaxed when I see my doctor.I have to go away but when I come back I definitely would like to see him again! I even can sleep better at night! Thank you so so much!!

- Yenny V.

Very Happy

I’m very happy with the treatment I get there. Shira and Dr Weitz are amazing. Thanks.

- Tania G.

Impressed With Care

I was most impressed with the care, efficiency and respect that Dr.Aaron Weitz and all the staff showed me, and as I could see, all patients at this practice. I had great results and could see improvement from week to week. Dr. Weitz was always concerned with getting feedback for how I was feeling and making sure that his treatments relieved issues I was having.

- Esther P.

Helped Our 10 Year Old Daughter

Our 10 and a half year old daughter found life very challenging. She had a very hard time accepting any responsibility or demands placed upon her. Not because she was defiant, she is actually very sweet-natured, but because it seemed just ‘living’ took enough effort for her. School was especially stressful for her. “The lights are too bright. The girls talked too loudly. The teachers went too fast. We had to follow along in two places at the same time” …were just some of her daily complaints.

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Very Happy

Yes. I’m very happy :) with the results. Thanks Shira and Dr Weitz.

- Batya W.

No More Headaches

Guess what? – I haven’t had a single headache since your treatments and my back has been much much much better! Haven’t had 1 Advil since before Pesach! Quite the record! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

- Batya W.

Informative and Professional

It was very informative and very professional.

- Lino B.

Great Job

Good job team Weitz! Looking forward to continued treatment and improvement.

- Aaron W.

Very Best

Absolutely the very best chiropractor that has treated me. Very effective and efficient and always on time.

- Lynn G.

Able To Walk Without Limp

Medical doctors told my husband there was nothing more to be done for his sciatica. At the time, he was unable to walk on the treadmill, and had numbness in one leg. After just a few treatments by Dr. Weitz, he was able to walk without any limp, do a brisk workout on the treadmill, and the numbness was almost gone. Today, that numbness shows up so rarely that he forgets about it.

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Great Experience

Great experience. Look forward to fixing my problems!

- Linda L.

Very Caring

Very caring and very professional.

- Lea F.

Total Commitment To Care

In 2003 I came to Dr. Weitz very reluctantly, and with some fear, as my parents had always been very negative towards chiropractic care. My presenting problem was acute neck pain. Dr. Weitz took a detailed history in which I also informed him, that for over 10 years, I had lived with ongoing pain and fatigue. Over the years, I had tried almost every kind of alternative medical professionals.

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Fortunate To Have You In Our Community

We are extremely fortunate to have Dr. Aaron Weitz and his staff available in our community. He diagnoses and treats ailments in a way that no other practitioner does, quickly, and usually with success that other practitioners are not able to attain.

- Ciss M.


I wish I could adequately express how grateful I am to Dr. Weitz for everything he has done for me and my family in the past, and everything I know he will continue to do for us in the future. Dr. Weitz has not simply helped me with my migraines and pain. With his wealth of knowledge and with patience he shows everyone who comes to the office, he has willingly taught me about health and wellness and the important role our nervous system, the control centre of the body, plays in our general health and wellbeing. Thank you Dr. Weitz. If only I had known about chiropractic all my life.

- Hazel A.

Huge Fan Of Dr. Weitz

I am such a huge fan of Dr. Weitz’s that I would never consider going anywhere else!! To be honest, I never really believed in chiropractic nor did I really know what chiropractors do. I thought chiropractors only helped back pain and would criticize my posture. It took several people to convince me to see Dr. Weitz and I am so grateful to each one of them! From that first visit, I knew Dr. Weitz was the chiropractor for me! He is so knowledgeable, caring, patient and capable and I and my family, because now they come too, look forward to each and every time we see him.

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