Torque Release Technique (TRT)

The main chiropractic technique we use at ANPTH is Torque Release Technique (TRT). Torque Release is an incredible technique that is based on contemporary understanding of anatomy, physiology, biochemistry, neurology, psychoneuroimmunology, quantum physics, clinical science and evidence-based health care, and it is the only chiropractic technique expressly created for research purposes.

TRT focuses most on the specific tissues where the spinal cord and the spinal column connect. These points have a unique central effect on the ‘tone’ of the central nervous system and all its nerve channels, which means their health-effects are extremely far reaching.

Each visit begins with an analysis to locate the ‘primary’ Subluxation (area of nerve interference), which is such a substantial threat to health and wellbeing that the body struggles to compensate in a myriad of ways.

Very often what people need relief from, is in fact the consequences of this compensation, which they may feel as poor function, poor adaptation, degeneration and pain.

Once the ‘primary’ area is found, we deliver a specific adjustment using the Integrator instrument, to give the body the means to release that area of nerve interference. This restores healthier tension and tone within the spinal cord and nervous system, so that you can regain balance, adaptation and homeostasis, and feel better. Our aim with each TRT adjustment, is to help you develop patterns of correction that lead to better function, healing and health, rather than just temporary relief, ever deeper compensation and ultimately poor health.

After each adjustment, the body is given time to process changes, with correction continuing as you move and breathe. Over time, with repeated adjustments, your body becomes more adaptive so you can live a bigger and healthier life.

TRT adjustments stimulate your nervous system in such a way that it releases central tension and balances its function, to improve the two-way communication between the body and the brain.

The Integrator

The instrument we use to deliver specific TRT chiropractic adjustments is called the Integrator, which was designed to initiate a fast, specific, and highly reproducible adjustment. Originally it was designed specifically for research purposes, and when it’s remarkable effectiveness became apparent, it was produced on a larger scale for clinical use. The Integrator is unique as it is an FDA approved adjusting device that allows the Chiropractor to deliver precise, specific, gentle, fast, effective and reliable adjustments every time.

The TRT technique and Integrator instrument deliver specific adjustments without the twisting, cracking or popping that you may be familiar with. Among a number of advantages, this aspect of TRT allows us to treat virtually anyone at any stage in life and with any condition. It can be a worthwhile, effective and safe option even when caring for such conditions as spinal fusions, bulging discs, rods, degeneration, arthritis, and other spinal issues that require very careful consideration.

From newborns to the elderly, we all need to have a healthy spine and nervous system, and TRT gives everyone the opportunity to achieve it as best as they can.

Our Patients Thrive.

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